Hazardous Soil Stabilization Projects

Project: HP Pistol Range
Location: Windsor, CO    USA
Owner: Colorado Highway Patrol
Engineer: STC Remediation
Contractor: WRS  Infrastructure and Environmental Inc.
Construction: September, 2000 - September, 2000
Tons Mixed: 1,147
Description: Mixed native soil with Phosphate to stabilize Lead contaminated soil
Project: Koppers Wood Treating Facility 
Location: Newark, NJ    USA
Owner: Port of Newark
Engineer: KEY Environmental
Contractor: Jay Cashman
Construction: March, 2001 - September, 2001
Tons Mixed: 58,491
Description: On site soil mixing for stabilization of contaminated dirt 
Project: M-I Buried Pit Remediation Project
Location: Denver, CO    USA
Owner: Rocky Mountain Arsenal US Army
Engineer: Foster Wheeler
Contractor: Geo-Con, Inc.
Construction: April, 2001 - October, 2001
Tons Mixed: 44,515
Description: Plant mixed contaminated soil with cement to stabilize it so it could be stored in an onsite landfill.
Project: Bioremediation of Rocky Mount Airport
Location: Rocky Mount, NC    USA
Owner: IMASCO Holding Group, Inc.
Engineer: Geovation  Technologies
Contractor: Geovation Technologies
Construction: April, 2005 - June, 2005
Tons Mixed: 22,656
Description: Pesticide contaminated soil mixed with a :BioGeoCheMix " (Granules and Pellets)
Project: Isaac Walton Gun Club Rehabilitation
Location: Colorado Springs, CO    USA
Owner: Infinity Land Corporation
Engineer: Casey Resources Inc.
Contractor: Colorado Earth & Environmental
Construction: November, 2005 - February, 2006
Tons Mixed: 24,004
Description: Soil from an old Rifle and pistol range was mixed with 28% Type C flyash to neutralize the lead contaminates.  
Project: Soda Springs, ID 
Location: Soda Springs, ID    USA
Engineer: MONSANTO
Contractor: MONSANTO
Construction: August, 2007 - September, 2007
Tons Mixed: 1,500
Description: Performed mixing of elemental phosphorus with quick lime for several test piles.
Project: Stone Castle Recycling
Location: Parowan, UT    USA
Owner: EPA
Engineer: EPA
Contractor: Environmental Restoration
Construction: December, 2014 - December, 2014
Tons Mixed: 1,260
Description: Cement Stabilization of Contaminated Soil

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