Soil Bentonite Projects (pre- 1999)

Project: Kimball Landfill, Kimball, NE
Owner: Waste Tech Services, Inc.
Engineer: Woodward Clyde Consultants
Prime: TIC
Construction: Spring 1993
Project consists of mixing of 35,000 tons of soil/Bentonite for cell liners. Cells will be utilized for the storage of low level contaminants.
Project: Fort Hall Canyon Landfill
Owner: Bannock County, ID
Contractor: Scoccolo Construction, Inc.
Construction: Sep-93
Project consisted of mixing 62,100 tons of soil/Bentonite for the liner of a municipal landfill.
Project: Town of Babylon Landfill
Owner: Town of Babylon, NY
Contractor: Tully Construction, Inc.
Construction: May - June 1994
Project consisted of mixing 45,100 tons of soil/Bentonite for the liner of the municipal landfill.
Project: Dean Forest Landfill
Owner: City of Savannah, GA
Contractor: Ryder, Inc.
Construction: June - August 1994
Project consisted of mixing 50,000 tons of Soil/Bentonite for the liner of the municipal landfill.
Project: Clayton County Landfill
Owner: Clayton County, GA
Contractor: Phillips & Jordan, Inc.
Construction: August- October 1994
Project consisted of mixing 73,700 tons of Soil/Bentonite for the liner of the county landfill.
Project: Wake County Landfill
Owner: Wake County, NC
Contractor: Phillips & Jordan, Inc.
Construction: December 1994 - March 1995
Project consisted of mixing 155,000 tons of Soil/Bentonite for landfill.
Project: Gunnison Colorado UMTRA Site
Owner: U.S. Department of Energy
Contractor: MK Ferguson Company
Construction: Ames Construction
Quanitiy: 82,100 tons of Soil/Bentonite used as a cap over radioactive waste.
Project: 110 Sand & Gravel Landfill
Owner: 110 Sad & Gravel, NY
Contractor: Hendrickson Bros., Inc.
Construction: August-September 1995
90,500 tons of Soil/Bentonite was used as liner for landfill.
Project: Brookhaven Landfill
Owner: Town of Brookhaven, NY
Contractor: Asplundh Construction, Inc.
Construction: August-November 1995
100,000 tons of Soil/Bentonite was utilized as the impervious liner for the town’s landfill.
Project: Rifle Colorado UMTRA Site
Owner: US Department of Energy
Engineer: MK Fergson Company
Contractor: Green International/PCL
Construction: August-September 1995
251,000 tons of Soil/Bentonite was used as a cap for radioactive waste.
Project: Davidson County Landfill
Owner: Davidson County, NC
Construction: December 1994-March 1995
70,000 tons of Soil/Bentonite was used for landfill.
Project: Fairfax, Virginia County Landfill Test Section
Owner: Farifax, Virginia
Contractor: CH2MHILL
Construction: Jul-95
1,500 tons of Soil/Bentonite
Project: Lowland, Tennessee Landfill Project
Owner: Lenzing Fibers Corporation
Contractor: Phillips & Jordan, Inc.
Construction: April 12, 1996-May 20, 1996
25,000 tons of Soil/Bentonite
Project: Blyden Burgh Road Landfill Project, Islip NY
Owner: Town of Islip
Contractor: Tully Construction
Construction: June 1996-October 1996
100,000 tons of Soil/Bentonite
Project: Buncombe County Landfill
Owner: Buncombe County Landfill
Engineer: Camp Dresser McKee
Contractor: Phillips & Jordan, Inc.
Construction: June 1996-November 1996
82,800 tons of Soil/Bentonite
Project: Cripple Creek Mine
Owner: Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mining Company
Contractor: Ames Construction
Construction: June 18, 1996-Present
320,000 tons of Soil/Bentonite
Project: Maybell UMTRA Project, Maybell, CO
Owner: Department of Energy
Engineer: MK-Ferguson Company
Contractor: Landmark Reclamation, Inc.
Construction: June 1996-Present
260,000 tons of Soil/Bentonite
Project: SW Regional Landfill Project, New Brunswick, Canada
Owner: SW Regional Landfill
Engineer: Jacques Witford
Contractor: Gulf Operators LTD
Construction: Test Section September 1996, Construction Spring 1997
400 Tons Soil/Bentonite for Test Section & 47,900 Tons Soil/Bentonite in 1997
Project: Seminole Road Landfill Project, Atlanta, GA
Owner: Dekalb County
Engineer: Piedmont Olson Hensley Engineers
Contractor: Valley Crest Landscape, Inc.
Construction: October 1996 - January 1997
33,113 Tons Soil/Bentonite
Project: Kersey Valley Landfill, Phase II, Highpoint, NC
Owner: City of Highpoint
Engineer: Richardson & Associates
Contractor: Phillips & Jordan, Inc.
Construction: January - April 1997
77,000 Tons Soil/Bentonite
Project: Piedmont Landfill, Kernersville, NC
Owner: Piedmont Landfill
Contractor: Morgan Corporation
Construction: April-May 1997
41,250 Tons Soil/Bentonite
Project: Town of Brookhaven Landfill Project - Cell 5 Phase 3, 4, & 5, Brookhaven, NY
Owner: Town of Brookhaven
Contractor: Asplundh Construction Co.
Construction: April - August 1997
115, 300 Tons Soil/Bentonite
Project: Victoria Landfill, Madawaska, New Brunswick, Canada
Owner: Victoria Landfill
Contractor: St. Onge Forest Products LTD.
Construction: May - October 1997
33,000 Tons Soil/Bentonite
Project: Cell 1 Greensboro White Street Landfill, Greensboro, NC
Owner: Greensboro White Street Landfill
Engineer: HDR
Contractor: Four Seasons Environmental
Construction: August - November 1997
32,100 Tons Soil/Bentonite
Project: City of LaGrange Landfill - Cell 1, LaGrange, GA
Owner: City of LaGrange
Engineer: Piedmont Olsen Hensley Engineers
Contractor: Morgan Corporation
Construction: October - December 1997
42,775 Tons Soil/Bentonite
Project: Caldwell County Landfill, Caldwell County, NC
Owner: Caldwell County Landfill
Engineer: Dewberry & Davis
Contractor: JM's Professional Construction Services
Construction: October 1997 - May 1998
49,802 Tons Soil/Bentonite
Project: Piedmont Landfill, Kearnersville, NC
Owner: Waste Management
Contractor: Morgan Corp.
Construction: April - June 1998
41,255 Tons Soil/Bentonite
Project: Pawnee Station Pond 'A', Brush, CO
Owner: Public Service Company
Engineer: Utility Engineering Company
Contractor: Six Mile Corporation
Construction: July - August 1998
13,065 Tons Soil/Bentonite

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